Friday, November 2, 2012

A Giveaway for Darby

I have lots of fun things planned to help meet the $1000 Angel Tree goal for Darby .If you're just joining me and don't know who Darby is or what the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree is, click either of those links or read the first blogpost on this new blog!

The  fundraiser was going to be an auction on my Caps For Causes fanpage but, I'm still putting that together :) So, the first, and, ongoing, fundraiser is this giveaway for a customized set, like any of these

These are just examples, you can completely customize your set up to a $30 value which could get you 6 bows, necklaces, or pairs of earrings. Or 15 clippies. Or a photo pendant and earrings plus a necklace for your little one etc etc.

How to enter is below. I will draw a winner using every time Darby's grant goes up $100. His Angel Tree contributions as I write this are at $105 so at $205 I will draw a winner. I will draw another at $305, at $405 etc.until we meet his $1000 AT goal!

 I will keep a spreadsheet with all of the entries starting today on it. All of your entries will be entered every time we hit a $100 milestone!

Here's how you can enter:

  1. Share this post on any of your social networking sites, Twitter, FB, Google+ etc. and leave me a comment on this blog post that you did so with a link to your share. To get the link on FB or Twitter click on the timestamp under your post and it'll open in a new window, click the URL in your address bar and copy it, paste it in your comment here.  You can get one entry per method of sharing PER DAY. So share every day on fb and twitter and you get 2 entries per day. Just leave me a comment with every thing you've done that day on this blog post.
  2. Follow this blog for 2 entries. In  your comment leave me your blogger name or Google+ name, whatever you're following with.
  3. Follow Mandy's Blog for 2 entries (plus she has a Keurig Vue giveaway going on that you'll be entered into as well, clicking that link takes you to the post about the Keurig giveaway).
  4. Pray for Darby and all of the waiting children on Reece's Rainbow, put in your comment that you did so for 2 entries per day.
  5. 'Like' my facebook fanpage Caps For Causes for 2 entries. If you already liked the page just leave that in the comment.
  6. Donate to Darby's Fund by clicking the donate button on his box over on the right hand side. Entries as follows:
        1. $5   =     1   entry
        2. $10 =     3   entries
        3. $25 =     10 entries
        4. $50 =     45 entries
        5. $100 =   100 entries 

Thank you in advance for any thing you can do to help!

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