Friday, November 2, 2012

Our (Planned) Trip to Holland: Keurig Vue for You?

If you're just finding this blog and didn't follow it over here from my previous blog then you may not have met the Rhodes family yet. But, you should! Mandy was my introduction to the world of special needs adoption and Reece's Rainbow. We got to be a part of most of their journey to bring home Vaylo and Samuel and it was a blessing to watch their faith during the process and to see their boys come home, to see them thrive. Now, they're going back again for their son Samuel's best friend 'K' ! Let's help them get her home! Click the link to be taken to Mandy's giveaway for a brand new Keurig Vue plus some K cups and help them get K home! There are lots of ways to enter, many of them free so you can enter even if you can't donate right now!

Our (Planned) Trip to Holland: Keurig Vue for You?: I love to do giveaways, so to celebrate our new blog and our new "vue" of life, we're giving away a Keurig Vue. I have a Keurig that some am...

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