Friday, February 8, 2013

The Giveaway

There's a blog I need to write that goes along with this giveaway about love, faithfulness, amazing friends, but, first I'll share the actual giveaway!

My friend Mandy along with her husband Marty has been such a blessing to us during this adoption process. For starters, they're the reason we found our son. Mandy posted his sweet face and information on her facebook wall. But, before that, she is the reason that I had found Reece's Rainbow and started looking at those little faces. Through our friendship over the past two years, and reading her blog my heart has been broken over and over for the orphan. God works all things together for good. Had I just randomly seen 'I's' picture one day without my heart already being broken and prepared we wouldn't be where we are now.

But, like I said I have a whole other post coming about how God has been working, I know what you're here for:

The Giveaway: Win a Family Vacation

Since Mandy has already done all of the work over on her blog I'm just going to link you to the giveaway by saying click HERE

But, I will share a few few details like: You can win an amazing vacation! There are free ways to enter such as sharing and committing to pray for our family and our new son. It ends March the 2nd and the winner will be drawn on March the 3rd. Also, we have a tax deductible way for you to donate which should be live soon! Once it is effective Mandy will update the blog with where to make your donations.

Please comment on her blogpost when you share, commit to pray, and/or donate so that your entries can be counted.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

Love ~ Brooke

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