Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Balloons for Babies

Hi everyone! As you may know by now, we have a huge fundraiser coming up on April 20th! We have partnered with A Sea of Hope and the Rhodes Family along with lots of local businesses, crafters, and family and friends to put on a Quarter Auction to benefit both our and the Rhodes family adoption funds!

With over 100 prizes up for grabs through the auction and raffles plus food, drinks, and desserts we are praying for a successful event. We have been advertising the event locally and on facebook and are expecting a crowd of 200+ people, most of who are adoption minded (or we hope will be after meeting some former orphans and hearing about our kids!).

We are adopting parents but we also strive to advocate for all of the little ones still waiting, that still need a Mama and Daddy to go get them. We wanted to give other advocates a unique opportunity to get the face and bio of the child/ren they advocate for out there to a new crowd of people! We are doing an event within our event called 'Balloons for Babies'

We are going to do something similar to the picture above. We will have helium balloons with cards attached to the bottom. On the cards we will put a picture of the child of your choice on the front and their bio and link to find out more information on the reverse side. There will be one child per balloon and the balloons will be placed around eye level at all of the tables!

To get 'your' child onto a balloon all you have to do is donate $10 and provide us with a link to your child where we can get their picture or information! You can have as many balloon babies as you'd like, just donate $10 for each one.

If you love the idea of helping a child in need find a home, but, don't have a specific child that you advocate for, we would be happy to select a child for you or help you learn more about how to become involved as a Prayer Warrior or advocate for a special needs orphan internationally via Reece's Rainbow I first got involved with Reece's Rainbow as a Prayer Warrior for a little boy who is now home with his forever family!

Update: Mandy and I decided that we'd like to extend this offer to other adoptive families as well! For $10 you can put your (or a family of your choosing) on a card, picture on the front and info with your blog and how to donate on the back!

Also, you can buy a balloon for any waiting child that is available for adoption, they can be in the US, in fostercare etc. as long as they are currently listed as available for adoption. Every child deserves a home and family whether they're waiting domestically, internationally, with or without special needs!

To keep it simple we ask that you donate the money via Paypal as a gift. Mandy and I will alternate having donations go to each of our accounts. To request a balloon baby or if you prefer information on how to make a tax deductible donation you can message me (Brooke) at or Mandy at

We promise to take lots of pictures of the event and all of the balloon babies!

Thank you for your support for our families and all of the waiting children.

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