Thursday, May 2, 2013

American Girl Doll Dream Giveaway

Good news! We've raised our upfront costs and should have a completed homestudy by the middle of June!! Thank you to everyone that has come alongside us in prayer and support! We truly can't say THANK YOU enough!

Now we are working on our Dossier costs, 2nd set of agency fees and travel expenses for first trip. We are hoping that our first trip dates will be sometime in August or September. Altogether we estimate that we need around $10,000 before our 1st trip. Of course any thing we raise above what we need wold just go towards paying our last set of agency fees and pickup trip!

We have a golf tournament coming up in mid June (more details to come on that) and have a few other things in the works for later in the Summer but for now we've decided to do a giveaway! And, we think that if you have a little girl it's a prize that she's been dreaming of (or maybe you have as a way to surprise her!).

Here is what we're offering:

$250 American Girl Giftcard!

You can use the giftcard however you would like but we've put a few options together
for you so that you'll have an idea of every thing you could get!

1. Create a 'My American Girl' Custom Doll

Pick a doll ($114-$124 depending on whether you want pierced ear)
Many different hair color and style, eye color and skin tone combinations available!

Get a Matching Outfit/Pajamas and Tshirt for your girl and her doll!
(Many Options to choose from in sizes 3-20!)

Get some accessories! If you've picked a doll and one matching outfit you'd have about
$80 leftover for accessories such as a pet and school backpack set
or a desk and lemonade stand! Tons of
options available on the website. 

See all the options for dolls, clothes, accessories, furniture, etc. on the American Girl website!

2. If you have a younger girl not quite ready for an American Girl Doll, they offer an adorable line
called Bitty Babies
And with $250 you could get your little one a Bitty Baby AND every thing she 
would need to care for her!

This set is an example of every thing you could get, but, there are of course many more options
available on the website! The larger picture is the Doll+Starter Collection which sells for $125!

There are 7 different Bitty Baby Doll Options

If you've read all that and thought, "That's great but I don't know any little girls." Don't worry! We have some alternate prizes you can pick from!

Alternate Prize Option 1

$250 Amazon Giftcard

Stock up on Christmas presents, treat yourself, or give as an 
awesome Wedding or Graduation gift!

(You can even pick the design for the front if you want the card mailed to you,
or we can do an e-gift card).

Second Alternate Prize Choice

$250 donated to the adopting family of your choice!

*The family does not have to have an FSP but
must have proof that they are officially committed to their child
and have a tax deductible way to receive donations (AdoptTogether, ShowHope etc)


How to Enter:

1. You can gift your donation to us via Paypal, for this option we don't lose fees and have instant access to your donations. To donate via Paypal send your donation as a gift to and forward the receipt to the same email.

2. If you're able to claim charitable donations come tax time, you can make a tax deductible donation via our Reese's Rainbow FSP (Family Sponsorship Program) HERE then forward your receipt to


$5  =  2 entries
$10 =  5 entries
$20 = 15 entries
$50 = 50 entries
$100 = 150 entries

*You can earn additional, FREE entries by committing to pray for our family 
AND for sharing!

Leave me a comment on this blog to let us know that you're committing to pray for us = 5 entries

Share via facebook (personal or business pages) or twitter = 1 entry per method per day
Example: Share on fb and twitter daily for one week you'll have 14 free entries!
Just comment on the blog with what you do or tag me on facebook.

Share on your blog and leave and link back to this post = 10 entries 

Finally, you can 'Follow' my blog over in the right  hand side, just leave me a comment with your Google or blogger name so I can verify! = 5 entries

Giveaway ENDS 10 PM EST JUNE 15th
Winner will be drawn & announced on June 16th


  1. I of course will commit to praying for you guys! I shared on fb today, I will do a blog post in a bit, and now follow your blog. When the hubby gets home we will discuss the donation. Love you guys! Hang in there!!

    1. Thank you Sabrina, I have your entries!

  2. I love, love, love the new blog design! Love it! Also, I'm giving $20 to your FSP and sharing :)

  3. Donated $50 and shared on Facebook today. - Cathy G.

    1. Thank you Cathy <3 Got your entries!

  4. Replies
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    2. Thank you, got your entries! (Sorry for the first comment, I mixed you up with Mandy R.)

  5. Following your blog now, praying for your family, sharing on FB and heading to post on my blog....!!

    1. Awesome thank you so much! Link me to the blog on fb so I can make sure I'm following you guys as well! (Or here)

  6. Hey! We're still commited to praying for you guys and I shared the blog on facebook.

  7. Brooke & Steve,

    We will continue praying for you guys! Gods got this too :) Love ya'll!!!

    Kevin & Crystal

  8. Brooke, we have been praying for you all, and will be praying for you long after this journey has ended and a new one begins! <3

  9. I follow your blog, shared on FB again and just donated $20 again :)

  10. I donated $50 but it may have gone through just after 10 pm. Will also be praying of course.

    1. Thank you Maureen I ended up extending it till midnight so you are fine! Going to draw a winner now! Good luck and thank you!

  11. Brooke, we just gave $20 and I'll share as soon as I get to a computer, I can't share from my phone :/

    1. Thank you Daniell for all of yall's support, we are praying for you guys and Hudson as well!