Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meeting Ian Day 2: Part 1 Our Day in Pictures

 Today we, along with our guide Yavor and Ian's Social Worker went and toured the remains of this ancient castle. It was breathtakingly beautiful though a lot of climbing and walking!

Sketch of how the castle looked in its prime.

 Look, I made it up and down two flights of 'stairs' like these and didn't fall to my death or break a leg!

 Our first family photo (missing Nicholas of course) took a little work...


 Statue at the University we could see from a distance.

We had lunch and then went to see another amazing monument (Our boy was kind of tired of walking by this point, and I think he would have been happy to stay at the restaurant playing on the iPad)

Another beautiful view of the region from the bridge we walked over.


Our handsome boy!

The whole bridge was covered in these chalk outlines

We had a great day getting to know more about our boy and his home country. Tomorrow we're doing less walking and sightseeing, we're going to the mall and going bowling!

Did I mention, we're totally in love?

Thanks for following along, for covering our family in your prayers, and for all of the love and support yall show to us every day! We are truly blessed beyond measure!

Had to get at least one selfie in EE, this was the best of the lot, photographers we're not!

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