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Quarter Auction: Part 1 How It All Works

Ok I will try to keep this short and sweet so we can move on to what yall are really interested in coming in the next two posts : The Prizes and How to Enter to WIN them!!

So a Quarter Auction may seem confusing but it's actually pretty simple and so much fun! This will be the third one that A Sea of Hope is hosting in our local area and will be the 5th one that I have been to/helped put together. I'm just kind of bummed that since this one benefits our family I can't participate and win any of the great prizes.

In a Nutshell this is how it works when you attend a Quarter Auction in person.
(Even if you plan to bid remotely it's still important to see and understand how it all works)

Thank you to A Sea Of Hope board members and supporters, and to everyone who came out to the QA in Wilmington NC this past Saturday. This is where all of the pictures featured below are from. Our QA will be set up similarly.

Step 1

Show up :)
When you first come in the door there will be a table where we will be selling paddles.
Each paddle is numbered from 1-300
Each paddle is $5 and this year we are offering a special: Buy 3 paddles get one FREE!
You can select whatever number(s) you'd like.
We have a set of poker chips that are also labeled 1-300
After you select your paddles we will take the corresponding poker chips out of the case, show them to you, and place them in basket we use to draw from!

Step 2

Walk around and see all of the items that will be available to win!
At our upcoming QA items will be numbered and you will be able to see them in the next blog post as well!
All items will be together on 2-3 tables (Raffle items will be separate)

Pictures of just a few items from last year's QA in Martinsville which benefited our family and the Rhodes Family who were in process for their daughter Klemi who came home this past August!

Step 3

After you've purchased your paddles, checked out the items up for bids, the raffle, the vendors and grabbed yourself a bowl of home made chili or a slice of pizza ~ find a seat and get your paddles and quarters ready!

 We will have rolls of quarters available along with the paddles!

Step 4

Let the fun begin!

The auctioneer will hold up the item that is up for bids and give a description. For example a $25 Cracker Barrel Giftcard.

Step 5

If you would like to own that item then you toss one quarter into the bucket on your table for each paddle you want to raise. If you have two paddles, and want to raise them both, you would toss in two quarters, etc. So, toss in your quarters and raise your paddle!

Once everyone had bid who wants to, and has their paddles up we start drawing poker chips from the basket. If the first chip drawn is #7 and you have paddle number 7 and have paid to raise it YOU WIN!

If a number is drawn and that paddle is not up, we just draw the next poker chip until we have a winner!

It's that simple!

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

~You keep the same paddle(s) all night. You can win on the same paddle multiple times, you don't have to surrender it if you win!

~You don't have to bid on every item

~If you have multiple paddles you don't have to raise all of them to bid on an item you want. If you have 4 paddles and only want to raise 2 you would just toss two quarters in the bucket and pick which 2 paddles you do want to raise. However, you can only win off of the paddles you have paid to play, if one of your numbers is called and you didn't raise that paddle you can't win.

~You can purchase additional paddles and quarters throughout the night if you wish, however you can not swap out your paddle for a different number (it would take forever to search through all the poker chips to find the one to remove and would be disruptive to the auction process which moves quickly).

~Items can not be exchanged for cash :)

~ A few of our items the donors will be there that night set up as vendors and have offered to let the winner choose their product (Example my friend Traci from Canaan Hills Farm who donated goat milk soaps will let the winner swap their bars out for a different scent if they prefer and my friend Stacy from A Bug's Life For Us has donated an awesome child's art tote and has offered to let the winner pick a different fabric from her collection if they wish)

Stacy made this one for Ian filled with awesome things like a puzzle of the US, stickers, coloring books etc. which I know our boy is going to love!

If this all sounds like fun to you, I hope you will consider joining us this Saturday, March 8th at the Gallery in Martinsville VA. Doors will open at 5 PM for food and vendors and then the auction will start at 6. We will draw for all of the raffles at the end of the auction and there will be a brief intermission about half way through the items!

Now, if all of this sounds awesome to you but you are nowhere near VA stay tuned. In a few minutes I am going to post a blog with all of the prizes and then right after that I will post one with ways for you to bid remotely! 

If you are local but can't make it due to work, travel, etc. I will also include a way for you to bid remotely.

Additionally for those who plan to attend I am going to post a way for you to make a tax deductible donation and pre pay for your night!

I will include the two items we have available for raffle in the prize post and how to enter the raffle in the remote bidding post! We have a brand new American Girl Doll with an extra outfit and a gently used Coach purse! There will also be a 50/50 raffle for those who attend the event live!

PLUS: Be sure to check out the remote bidding post, even if you plan to attend in person, as I am going to post a few package deals!

Thank you so much to everyone who has worked to help put this event together:
~To our local planning committe: Heather M, Mandy R, Stacy C. and Tonya J. for helping to plan and coordinate every thing.
~To all of our friends at A Sea of Hope Orphan Ministries for being a huge source of support during our whole adoption process and for helping to put the Quarter Auctions on for adopting families. Susie, Christy and JB we love you!
~ A huge thank you to Whitney at  The Gallery for so generously donating the awesome venue to us!
~To all of our vendors, family, and friends who have donated prizes, food, and your time to help us put this event together.
~To everyone who has been sharing our event on facebook and who took flyers and posters around town for us

To everyone who has come beside us in any way during this journey to bring our boy home, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you and pray the Lord will return the kindness you've shown us tenfold!

And, because I can't get enough of this sweet face ... Thank you for helping us bring our sweet treasure home!

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