Friday, December 4, 2015

Clever Title Needed

There are lots of awesome aspects about being part of a large adoption community. But, one downside would be this: Seemingly every fundraiser has been done. Seriously, every time I think I have a good idea, I see that five people are already doing it and I'm like..

So much for that....

Necessity is the mother of invention, and with your typical international adoption costing $30,000+ we're a community of creative geniuses. Some have actual artistic talent and have sold every thing from hand drawn cards and coloring books to painted shoes. I'm pretty sure there have been 5,511 different tshirt fundraisers (in 2015). Just when I think I couldn't possibly need another tshirt, someone comes up with an awesome one, like THESE that are on sale now and benefit the Rhodes family adoption!

Speaking of the Rhodes family, that's why I'm finally here on my seriously neglected little blog!

Yes, the Rhodes family is growing again! They're in the process to bring home this seriously adorable little dude.

 Like their three previously adopted children, 'Ducky' is rocking an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. He will be the 6th child in the Rhodes clan, the 4th boy, 4th internationally adopted child, 4th child with Down Syndrome, and most importantly, a cherished member of a loving family!

We've already done lots of fundraisers to help bring Ducky home. We've brainstormed lots of others, some are in the works, some are just half formed ideas waiting on the backburner....

I'd pay to watch grown men race Power Wheels wouldn't you?!

The reality is that the Rhodes family is just weeks away from submitting their dossier to China! Progress is always a good thing, and in the world of international adoption it also means that a large chunk of money is going to come due. 

During our own process there were actually some darker moments where I dreaded hearing that we had made progress because the funds weren't there yet to cover the next step. (Learning to trust in God's provisions and timing was, and still sometimes is, hard for me).

Mandy says that she knows God has a plan. 

I know it too, I've watched as He has provided over and over again, made a way, often when the way seemed impossible. 

We serve a big God who can do all things. 

But, often He does those things through His people. And, I'm honored to be able to come alongside Mandy, Marty, and family to help move the financial mountain that has to move for Ducky to come home.

I had this idea a few weeks months ago, but kept getting bogged down in the details (Update for 12/4 I still don't have a clever title but pressing forward anyway) like what to call it, how to word it, etc.

The truth is I'm still working out the details, but, Ducky is waiting!

So, in a nutshell this is what I'm offering:

A pound of flesh.

(The two natural reactions to someone offering you flesh)

Ok, so I really have no idea how much a 4x6 piece of my calf would weigh, and I'm not exactly going to part ways with it.

I'm offering it up as a canvas!

The artists?

Sam and Klemi Rhodes 

No, I'm not handing them a tattoo gun,

Sorry Sam

But, I am going to turn a piece of artwork that they create into a tattoo and have it inked onto my lower left calf.

You will all get a chance to determine the final outcome!

Details on that coming up later today!

(And, no, none of you get to hold the tattoo gun either, but if anyone is looking for fundraiser ideas you can have that one! ;)  )

PART TWO IS UP! Click HERE  to go to the blog post with all the details of how you can get in on the fun

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