Sunday, September 16, 2012

It Matters to This One: Meet My AT Baby

Ok, I started a new blog! I couldn't get in the habit of posting much on the mutantmama blog so maybe this will be a fresh start! I am so excited! A few weeks ago I saw a little face on Reece's Rainbow that just took my breath away. Don't get me wrong, I feel for and pray for every child on Reece's Rainbow, those with committed families, those still waiting, and those that have come home that I've had the joy of holding in my arms. But, this little one just pulled at my heart.

You know how I knew he was different to me? The first thing I noticed in his picture was his smile and his sweet eyes. It wasn't until I pulled my eyes away and started reading his description, Down Syndrome and a repaired cleft palate, that I saw those things in his picture. I've asked my friends that have adopted/are in process how they chose their children from all those waiting. The response was usually something along the lines of, "We saw him/her and just fell in love...." And, I didn't really get it.

See I've been looking on RR for almost a year now trying to find the child that I could see being a part of our family (And, no Steve is not on board at the point, but, that doesn't stop me from looking). To be honest I shied away from those with Down Syndrome thinking for me personally I would be better suited to getting a child with a physical condition like CP or Spina Bifida or even HIV than one with mental delays. And, so I'd go on RR and search the other angel boys (yes I knew I wanted a boy) in the 0-5 categories (I feel like for me personally I'd want a child younger than Nick) and I did find a few that pulled at my heartstrings, and, I rejoiced when they were committed to. Most were in a country that I don't think would be an option for us if I ever do get Steve on board. Then, one day in the RR facebook group for advocated and adopting families someone posted this link to Darby and I fell in love almost instantly.

I actually touched base with a family that had adopted from his region to find out about the process and requirements....turns out we most likely won't qualify in his region. I know that God is bigger than any red tape and reluctant heart so part of me still hopes that he might be our's...yes I know that may seem crazy, my husband would agree with you that it is! But, in case he's not our's I want to find his family. So, I signed up to be his Prayer Warrior and then snagged him to be my child for the Christmas Warrior Angel Tree project on Reece's Rainbow.

If you are reading this but are not familiar with Reece's Rainbow, about the orphan crisis, especially for special needs children outside the US I will try to post some of the journey that lead me here in future posts. But, this is already getting long and I don't want to lose you.

If you'd like to find out more about being a Prayer Warrior or a Christmas Warrior check out those links. Please don't be thrown by the $1000 goal for Christmas Warrior's! 1. It is a goal not a commitment if you don't get there with fundraising you don't have to pay it out of pocket. 2. There is an amazing group of advocated and adopting families that will help you, I've seen them come together to get families funded, to see waiting children have their matching grants met etc., you will not be alone!

The Christmas Warrior program doesn't actually kick off until November 1st. At the time all the proceeds from my page Caps for Causes will go to Darby's fund. He is already close to having $2000 in his fund and I know by November 1st he'll be there. The costs associated with these adoption is often what keeps families from stepping forward, by, raising these children's grants the family's burden is lessened and the children are more likely to be chose. I'm committing to help Darby find his family and when he does have a family commit to him I'm going to help them bring him home!

I have some fun fundraisers planned to help Darby. In the mean time all the proceeds from my page are going to Bryson'e F.U.E.L which is a non profit started by the parents of a child with cancer to benefit other families going through the same thing! I make and sell bottlecap jewelry, keychains, ornaments etc and have just added some photo pendants and an antique inspired line of jewelry so please check it out!

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