Saturday, January 18, 2014

Balloons for Babies ~ Twice As Nice!

I just got home from having dinner with a great group of friends which doubled as our first planning meeting for our next Quarter Auction! I'm so excited! Many of you may remember that we did a Quarter Auction last April along with the Rhodes family who were in the process of adopting their daughter Klemi.

Klemi came home about 6 months ago!!

We are teaming up once again with our amazing friends from A Sea of Hope Orphan Ministries and our awesome family and friends (from local and afar) to put on another Quarter Auction. Hands down this has been the one fundraiser that we have done in this past year that everyone is still talking about. And, it was also one of our most successful. I am going to create another blog with more details on the Quarter Auction itself , MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW for Saturday, March 8th, but for now we're also bringing back our popular Balloons for Babies fundraiser within a fundraiser that we did last year!

 We are so blessed by Quality Catering and the Gallery who donate this awesome space and set up to us to use!

That picture is from last year's QA here in Martinsville. If you look at the first table you'll see that the balloons are attached to large cards. Every balloon in this picture was a 'Balloon Baby' sponsored by someone, most from within our adoption community.

At the beginning of the auction we drew everyone's attention to the balloons and asked everyone to read over the cards on their tables, and others, throughout the night. Then we asked them to find a child or family who appealed to their heart and take that card home and commit to pray for the child/family that they had chosen and/or consider donating to the grant if the child/family they chose had one.

So, here's how it works:

You can sponsor a balloon for a waiting child or an adopting family of your choice. If you would like to sponsor a sibling group on the same balloon you may do so.

UPDATE!! : Now when you purchase a balloon, your child or family will be featured in two locations!! My friend Daniell's family is also in the process of adding a son to their family, and they are also hosting a Quarter Auction! This one will be in Washington State and proceeds will go to help the Settles family bring home 'Hudson' Click here to learn more about Hudson's family and to follow along on their journey!

So now when you buy a balloon to sponsor a child or family you will actually be helping at least three families: Ours, the Settles and the Family You Sponsor/The Future Forever Family of the Child you Sponsor!

And, for the same donation price, the exposure will be doubled for your child/family. Every sponsored child/family will be featured in both locations and both audiences will be encouraged to look through all the balloons and take home a child/family to pray for and help as they feel led!

Balloons are $10 Each

You can make a $10 tax deductible donation to our FSP on Reece's Rainbow here

Once you have made your donation, you will receive an emailed receipt, forward the receipt to along with the information about the child or family you would like to sponsor.

 If the child is available for adoption on an adoption website, you can just email me the link and I can copy and paste information.

 If you are sponsoring a family or would like to sponsor your own family please let me know if the family has a blog where people can follow their journey and the link to any grants where people can donate money. If it's a RR family you can just send me the link to their FSP unless there is any thing additional (photos or external grant links) you would like to have included.

Here are a few examples from the cards from last year so that you will have an idea of what will be included, although feel free to customize the information when you email it to me!

These were front and back cards.

This year the cards will probably all share a similar template to save time, but I promise to make them pretty and eye catching. I will most likely do something in keeping with the A Sea of Hope starfish theme.

Many of the little ones pictured above now have families in the process of bringing them home! "Maggie" is being adopted by an amazing family who will also be bringing home three other children! See their story here

If you are looking for a child or family to sponsor there are many to choose from on the Reese's Rainbow website!

To see children who are still waiting for their forever families click here While you're there consider signing up as a Prayer Warrior for a child and help be a part of their journey into a family!

To see families in process of bringing their children home (all special needs, international adoptions) click here
Reese's Rainbow just recently launched a Family Warrior program which gives you a chance to come alongside a family in their journey and support them through prayer, sharing their story, offering moral support, etc.

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email at

Thank you all for your continued support for our family as we work to bring our son home! We leave in 20 days for first trip! Please continue to cover our family in your prayers.


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