Thursday, January 9, 2014

In This World You Will Have Trouble

But take heart for I have overcome the world. John 16:33

If you need proof that adoption is Kingdom work just follow an adopting family on fb and you will most likely notice a pattern. When a family decides to adopt, when they get ready to make progress, when they make progress, or just when they're cruising along trying to do life ~ Satan goes on the attack.

For example since we've started the journey to bring our son home we've dealt with every thing from having a car get totaled to our gas logs and our heat pump going out in the middle of Winter to me nearly cutting off the top of a toe on a soup can lid, needing sinus surgery and having to replace our roof. Dozens of other things from sickness, unexpected bills and repairs and more have come up in the 12 months that we have been working to bring our boy home.

And, every single adopting family we know has dealt with the same thing. Satan hates adoption. I know it, I've seen it, I've lived it. Christians know that the closer you get to the center of God's will for your life the harder the Devil will work to drag you down.

And, so often with adopting families the area where we struggle, where Satan knows we are weakest, is with money. Most of us go into this process fully trusting that if we are willing to say yes to what God asks us to do then we can trust Him to provide. But, then we do fundraisers that have mediocre results or that fail. We humble ourselves and feel like beggars just to often be ignored. We get weary and we get frustrated and we cry angry tears. In some of our darker moments we may even pray angry prayers and wonder where our God went; wonder why we struggle so hard to walk this path that He asked us to walk. Maybe we even question if this was really His plan for us.

And Satan smiles.

Our family has been in some of these dark moments but every one has been used for redemption. From every dark place where we were on our knees and asking, "Why" God showed up and showed that He had a better plan. We've learned to trust and to lean in and to totally give every thing back to Him.

And every single time we've need the money to be there, it has been. That includes a time I mailed a check that I didn't have enough money to cover. But, God provided and our process never slowed down due to a lack of funds.

But, imagine you're a Mama who has committed to bringing home a precious little boy with Down Syndrome from across the ocean. You knew it would be hard. Your husband is in the Navy and you know he will be gone during part of your process. You're used to holding down the fort, being a single mom to your three boys, homeschooling and keeping life on track. You do it, without complaint because this is the life you signed up for when you married a man with a calling to serve this country.

You know that fundraising will be hard when you live thousands of miles away from your closest friends and family, but, you know this precious boy is your son and if God is calling you to it how do you say no? So you start and its hard but the money comes, sometimes in the nick of time, sometimes draining all of your resources and savings, but, you're thankful that its there and your process keeps moving forward.

But, what happens when you have those papers in hand that you've waited and prayed for, that you joyously received...then you realize you don't have the money you need to be able to send them in and now your process is stalled.


That's it. In the world of international adoption this is a tiny amount, I've seen ten times this amount come in in days. Daniell 's family has needed this amount for a week. I know it hurts. When you've done all you can do, when you've begged and pleaded, sold things, saved, drained your finances, stayed up baking until all hours of the night...and you fall short.

And you know the Devil is on attack because day before yesterday while trying to do every thing she could to raise the last of the funds they needed, Daniell cracked her foot. She is in an aircast and in pain. Her three boys are doing their best to help Mama out and she is still trying to get fudge packed up and shipped to fulfill orders that had already come in.

But, you know what I think? I think this Mama deserves a break. She deserves our help and support. She doesn't need to be up on a cracked foot trying to bake fudge. So, church, friend, family I'm asking for your help.

$700 is all that's needed to pay the last of their upfront costs and keep their process moving! Praise the Lord!!

That is only 70 people donating $10 each. You can do so here

Bring Hudson Home

Or you can make purchases that will help bring Hudson home.

1. You can go to Ginger on a Mission on Etsy. She makes awesome handmade wallets, reusable bags, purses and more. AND 50% of all sales go to the adopting family of your choice. To designate that the proceeds from your purchase go to the Settles family: Add items to your cart, when you're done underneath the last item there is a 'Notes to Seller' section, in this section put that you would like for the proceeds to go to the Settles family adopting Hudson at this link

2. Buy a "Hello My Name Is Child of the One True King" tshirt. I have been planning to update the blog to make the shirts easier to order and to update shipping charges (hoodies are more $ to ship than I had anticipated) but for now go here to see available colors, sizes and options. $10 from the sale of each tshirt or long sleeve tshirt and $7 from each hoodie will go to Daniell.

 *To order message me at and I will give you a total and instructions for paying, DON'T donate to our family's FSP*

3. Daniell is selling fudge and some of her amazing photography over on her Sailing to Our Starfish blog. But, please keep in mind that she is currently injured so if you want to order these things, please do,but allow some extra time for her to get them to you. I know it's hard to wait, I had some peanut butter fudge before Christmas and am drooling over the idea of the PB&J fudge, but, I can wait till Daniell can walk without pain to get some :)

And, please cover this family in your prayers. Please share this blog, or share Daniell's blog and their family's need. Share their YouCaring page, blog about them, share on fb or twitter. Let's use the power of social media for good today and get them funded. Hudson should not have to wait one more day for his family for a lack of funds!


  1. I came over from the Micah Six Eight blog to tell you that I have a son, Ian who just turned two with down's. I will be praying for your Ian whenever I sign his name. That is quite a bit. You have chosen a hard path-but don't put your hand to the plow and look back. There is fulness of joy just ahead. Blessings.